MARS defines the goal, studies an action plan, analyzes the best strategies in order to guide the company towards building its own vision.



The restructuring, reorganization and relaunching services of a company include all the activities aimed at refocusing the corporate strategy and operating margins and at the rationalization of the capital structure in order to restore those conditions of economic-equity-financial equilibrium in the context of corporate reorganization processes.


MARS acts in the field of financial consultancy through planning and monitoring of objectives and financial resources of individuals and companies, assisting them in the choice of adequate financial assets measured on their economic capacity.


Quality of service it’s our distinctive character. Our goal is to be the firm of reference for our Clients for every legal issue, big or small, knowing that they will always find an excellent, timely and concrete assistance, tailored to their specific needs.


Avv. Massimiliano Motta

He is a lawyer in the Italian Supreme Courts; he has extensive experience in the field of commercial and corporate law and contract law in general. It operates mainly in the areas of consulting and litigation, assisting well-known multinationals companies.

Avv. Antonio Fulvio Amati

He is a lawyer specialized in civil litigation, extrajudicial consultancy and company contracts. It represents companies operating in the energy sector, packaging, food, editorial, health, steel and telecommunications both national and multinational, providing them with judicial and out-of-court assistance.

Avv. Valerio Romano

He has significant experience in the field of Banking Law, bankruptcy law and bankruptcy proceedings, providing assistance to companies and institutions operating in these sectors. He is a lawyer in the Italian Supreme Courts.

Avv. Marco Sozio

He has extensive experience in the field of company law, as well as tax and insurance law. He is a lawyer in the Italian Supreme Courts; operates mainly in the areas of litigation and consultancy, in the field of agency law, assisting well- known and renowned Italian companies and agents / representatives, operating above all in the large retail sectors.

Dott. Giuseppe Maione

He is graduate in Economics and Business at the Federico II of Naples, he is a management consultant and temporary manager with expertise in M&A, Internationalization, Sales Management and Human Resources Management. He also has experience in the management of the business crisis phases and in the company generational succession. Expert in assistance to start-ups and for the design and management of direct and indirect sales networks. Already an entrepreneur in family businesses in the metalworking, construction, agribusiness, automotive and catering franchising sectors.

Dott. Marcello Luigi Raso

International Broker & Advisor has twenty years of experience in Real Estate & Luxury at a global level. Graduated in Law, Expert in Business Management, Marketing and Communication, he was also a teacher of analogue communication for Top Manager at the Institute of Analogical Psychology.He works mainly as an Advisor to famous people, investment funds and multinationals for the identification, the acquisition and development of business opportunities.

Dott. Giovanni Russo

Graduated in economics, he immediately joined the company in the AC Manzoni Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso, then in the Mondadori Publishing Group, later in the publishing house Condè Nast Spa, which hired him first as a sales account manager for the Consumer, Glamor, GQ & Traveler publications. , and subsequently he is chosen and included among the 10 top Sales Managers who dealt with the launch of the weekly Vanity Fair in the years 2003-2004. In 2005 he was called by the Vice President of Advertising of Sky Pubblicità. Thanks to the important results obtained in prestigious publishing companies and multinationals, he was included by the Head Hunters in the hunt for the most suitable manager to cover the commercial direction of MTV. In 2010 the manager joined the Class Editori Group. In the last year he has taken new stimuli for new challenges, and has first collaborated on an international project that sees the launch of the new OTT channel in outdoor sports, as General Manager of the new digital channel and from December 2021, he also assumes the Responsibility for advertising for the entire digital platform of the Ansa Group.

Dott.ssa Antonietta Faranna

Accountant in Florence, graduated with full marks and honors, she has over ten years of experience, both in the freelance profession, and in advanced business systems. She is an expert in accounting and tax services, budget training and analysis, business crisis, real estate auctions. Statutory auditor, bankruptcy trustee, professional delegated to telematic sales in real estate executions, judicial administrator in anti-mafia prevention measures.

Ing. Stefano Avallone

He is a Civil Engineer with a Master in Supply Chain Management and a Project Management Certification. He has +20 years of business experience at international leading companies in different high technology sectors (Oil&Gas, Aeronautics, Civil & Construction) with expertise in Project Management, Supply Chain, Materials Planning & Logistics and Real Estate Management. Expert in Operations Management solutions, assisting Startup businesses with their business development needs through his guidance and expertise and ensuring the best quality service.

Ing. Roberto Esposito

International leader with an engineering background and over 20 years’ experience in innovation, strategy, digital manufacturing, and sales roles across aviation, energy and oil and gas value chain. A committed leader focused on achieving growth through innovation projects and integration across
functions and divisions. A strategic thinker able to cut through complexity to see the broader underlying picture but able to delve into detail where needed. A leader with excellent commercial acumen who enjoys deal-making and has a demonstrable track record of successful commercial developments, large scale and complex innovative projects.


Mario Maione jr

Humanities studies in Catholic Colleges of Naples and Milan, now graduating in Economics of Markets at the Catholic University of Milan. Formed from politics up to board roles in the Municipality of Milan, he then dedicated himself to the industrial sector, in the areas of cosmetics, food and real estate as Junior Consultant and Project Manager of WGM Consulting in Milan. Now he is also a consultant for Mars Consulting and follows Italian and foreign clients, project leader of some international projects based in the UK and Hong Kong. He is an expert in law and administration in non-profit associations with charitable purposes, founder and President of the Marble Foundation in Milan and a member of the fundraising board of CISOM (Relief Corps of the Order of Malta) Milan.

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