What is about:

The restructuring, reorganization and relaunching services of a company include all the activities aimed at refocusing the corporate strategy and operating margins and at the rationalization of the capital structure in order to restore those conditions of economic-equity-financial equilibrium in the context of corporate reorganization processes.

How we do:

An effective recovery plan must first identify those elements that have led to the onset of an economic and financial imbalance, generating a business crisis, according to an evolutionary process that has not been able to stop; priority businesses must be identified and non-priority ones discontinued, in order to improve management effectiveness and efficiency. A valid corporate restructuring must include some complex but essential economic-financial planning and reorganization activities:

Analysis activity

in which the entire company organization is assessed, trying to identify the elements that have generated a state of economic and financial imbalance. Strategic activity: the best strategic actions to be adopted are established.

Strategic activity

the best strategic actions to be adopted are established.

Operational activity

in which the strategic plan identified through multiple corporate reorganization interventions is drawn up. In order for the corporate restructuring activity to be successful, it cannot be separated from considering the human aspect as fundamental; it must be founded on the regeneration and sharing of corporate beliefs and values. Because people form a company and it is the same people who can trigger these decisive processes for its recovery.

Innovative and successful ideas are needed, new motivations, renewed passions, but above all, these values need to be shared by individuals inside and outside the organization.