How we work:

MARS acts in the field of financial consultancy through planning and monitoring of objectives and financial resources of individuals and companies, assisting them in the choice of adequate financial assets measured on their economic capacity. To support entrepreneurs and managers in the growth of their business, MARS makes its wealth of skills and experience available to the customer, with a marked entrepreneurial spirit.

The succes recipe:

MARS is able to offer managerial assistance and support in change processes with an approach that effectively combines design skills and implementation support. The intent of MARS is to maximize the skills present in the various company functions, integrating them into interventions that have an impact on economic results and medium-term sustainability. The consultant must represent a non-invasive support tool, able to integrate the client’s structures with his own interventions.

Strategy and results

MARS drives change, achieving tangible and measurable results for companies thanks to an integrated vision of the company that involves people, activities and techniques.