Professional excellence

Quality of service it’s our distinctive character. Our goal is to be the firm of reference for our Clients for every legal issue, big or small, knowing that they will always find an excellent, timely and concrete assistance, tailored to their specific needs. These are the qualities for which we are recognized by our customers, that like our strong personal relationships.

Integrated assistance

One of the area in which we have always operated is corporate finance and law. The experience and prestige gained in this field have led us to develop and consolidate other consulting areas over time and today, each of them, is considered among the best on the market. We are therefore able to provide our customers with an integrated offer of financial and legal services, positioning our company as a single interlocutor for customers seeking the benefit of a coordinated and efficient management of the work.


For us Efficiency has always been one of the principal caracter. This is why we place great emphasis on building a tailor-made working group, with the aim of guaranteeing the best combination of quality, effectiveness and costs. Internal organization and coordination skills, working in close contact with the client, decision support and attention to strategic objectives complete our assistance. Over the years we have extended our activities by enhancing the skills and experience of our team with the aim of constantly ensuring a high standard of quality of professional services. MARS has a streamlined and efficient organization, always committed to meeting the specific needs of customers, even the most complex ones. With this in mind, our staff works as business partners, providing our customers with adequate support for their strategies and objectives.

International capacities

MARS is characterized by its strong international vocation. Through our offices we are present in the main business centers. Thanks to a consolidated network of collaborative relationships all over the world we are able to assist our clients even on transactions involving different legal systems.

Business management and finance

We support our customers starting helping him to choose the type of structure of the company, the choice of working capital and assisting him in the company management. If our Clients decide to look at the international market, ehiter to start a business or relocate, we will provide assistance in any foreign market offering the solution that best suits its business. We’ll support our Client in his relationship with banks and investors (institutional and private sectors) both in private equity and venture capital transactions. MARS partners have a deep experience in extraordinary operations such as mergers, consolidation, demergers, liquidations and business transfers, sales and leasing of the business unit, assisting Clients in the transfer of equity packages, in valuation and protection of the Company assets, in the issue and placement of MINIBOND with institutional funds and private investors.